We work to improve quality of life and overcome obstacles so living at home remains an option.


These services are designed to address needs of the senior homebound population in Midland. We work to improve quality of life and overcome obstacles so living at home remains an option.

We are most well-known for our delivery of Meals on Wheels. When we see these clients on a regular basis, we often become aware of situations that may compromise health, safety and ability for someone to remain in their home.

Homebound residents are constantly struggling to find options for grocery shopping, prescription pickup, getting to and from doctors’ appointments and dealing with loneliness that comes with spending a significant time in isolation. Furthermore, there are the ongoing obstacles of negotiating circumstances that are inevitable for dealing with and keeping up with one’s surroundings.

The seniors we serve can be very proud, and rightly so. Many find it difficult or impossible to ask for help.

Our services are designed with these challenges in mind. The generosity of our community and the dedication of our staff and volunteers make it possible for us to extend this level of compassion and care to our community.

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All Recipients of our Services MUST Qualify.
We do our best to make these services available to those who need them. A caseworker will perform an in-home assessment to determine a person’s eligibility.


Meals on Wheels

We deliver hot, nutritious meals to the elderly, disabled and homebound persons who qualify. A caseworker will perform an in-home assessment to determine a person’s eligibility.

For many of our clients, the daily human interaction is the most significant aspect of this service. The visual contact and communication we have when delivering a meal allows us to keep an eye out for any issues or situations that may need attention, often engaging help from our other homebound service teams and programs. We work to solve issues before they become a bigger problem.

In some instances, our services supplement the care of long distance family members or others that may not be able to physically check on a loved one each day. Typically we are in contact with other care givers and work with them to resolve any client needs and provide that peace of mind.

But many of our clients have outlived friends and relatives and may not have an advocate who is in charge of their care. That’s where we step in. Many of our homebound service programs have come about because of these scenarios. And we help source additional services for needs that fall outside of our areas of focus.

Delivery Details

  • Deliveries are made inside Midland city and county limits Monday through Friday
  • Drivers are not permitted to leave a meal if the recipient isn’t home
  • Two frozen meals are included in the Friday delivery for those who need and qualify for a little extra help with meals for the weekend
  • Delivery typically begins within one or two weeks after we determine that an individual meets the requirements



We provide minor home repair services to low-income elderly homeowners.

A long term residential facility may be the only option if a clients can’t safely maneuver around their homes after a fall, or a hospital stay. Our handyman program permits us to build these bridges, wheelchair ramps, grab bars or other necessary changes so independent living is still possible.

Along with minor carpentry work, the Handyman program provides needed safety upgrades such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, dead bolt locks and replacing broken windows.  Please call to get more information.  If SLM cannot provide the needed service, we partner with other agencies that can!


One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time exists to help the homebound elderly and low-income senior citizen with daily living necessities.

Because the volunteers are intimately involved in the day to day life of our clients, they are able to identify needs that might arise “one day at a time.”

Here are some examples of “one day at a time” scenarios

  • An elderly lady receives a letter from the city threatening a fine if the tall weeds in the alley aren’t mowed. There’s no one to call on short notice who will charge a nominal fee. Residents could lose their homes or rack up fines because they can’t afford the lawn service, or they can’t find someone they trust to help with the alley. One Day at a Time helps to get rid of the weeds.
  • Our driver notices that a client is losing weight; a bit of conversation reveals that dental issues are preventing proper nutrition. One Day at a Time steps in to replace dentures.
  • An expensive antibiotic means a choice between rent and medicine. One Day at a Time picks up the prescription, no charge.



Meals on Wheels for Paws

Pets are special companions to many seniors in our programs and sourcing pet food can be a challenge for our homebound clients. We found that sharing people food with pets became an all too common practice for many whom we serve. Since that’s not an ideal scenario for seniors or their pets, we stepped in to include a pet food delivery. For those who need the service, pet food is included with the Meals on Wheels delivery.